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What is Builders Cleaning?

What is Builders Cleaning?

Builders cleaning or after construction cleaning or construction cleanup or snag cleaning are all variations of the same service in question here.

Builders cleaning is a final cleaning that takes place on the construction project schedule; it is part of the minor works package which also includes Mastic Services.

Builders cleaning should take the following steps:

1 – Remove Protection

2 – Vacuum throughout

3 – Remove paint splashes, stickers, plaster, residue, silicon, concrete splashes etc.

4 – Wipe all surfaces throughout

5 – Polish all metal, wood and glass finishes

6 – Vacuum again if necessary and clean the floor throughout

7 – Ask site supervisor to inspect and sign off

Builders cleaning must happen before the process of inspection (snagging) necessary to complete the list of minor defects in the building. For instance windows must be cleaned both internal and external to find any scratches.

Inspection normally is done by the main contractor on site or a surveyor agent and the builders cleaning must have a good standard to show all features of the building as it should be, for instance flooring is a major element of the project and depending on what type of material used (vinyl, stones, ceramics, polished concrete, wooden or carpet) it will need further cleaning to bring it up to the natural or original appearance so a cleaning subcontractor will have to apply floor machines and chemicals following the material manufacturing specification to remove paint, dust, debris, plaster, glue residue, silicon, oil, rendering, concrete splashes etc.

Its important to follow the main contractors program especially in larger projects which the inspections and handovers will happen in phases.

A cleaning subcontractor must adhere to the program but also to the Health & Safety measures that every main contractor implies.