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All You Need to Know About Buying Your Christmas Tree

Nothing brings out the Christmas spirit more than the smell of fresh pine needles from a real Christmas tree. For those of you who still prefer the real thing, but don’t know where to start, read on. This Christmas tree buying guide will supply you with all the information you need.
1. Pick your spot
You can place the tree right next to your telly to enjoy it while watching Christmas specials or a sitcom. Another good example: near a window. Make your neighbours and random strangers envious of your glorious tree. An even better idea: place your real Christmas tree in a well lit corner. Remember to never place your real tree near heat sources because its needles will fall off. High traffic areas near doorways are a no-no as well because somebody will surely knock the tree over unintentionally.
2. Consider space
We all live in different sized apartments and houses and in the end that will, inevitably, influence our choice. Some people prefer artificial trees because they can be taken apart and put in a box. The good news is real trees can be trimmed to better fit the place you’ve prepared for them. Still, be sure to measure your space accordingly for best results. Height, depth and width are all equally important. You might consider moving some of your furniture to arrange room for your Christmas tree.
3. Buying in person
A large percentage of people prefer to buy their Christmas trees in person. That’s no surprise because you actually have the chance to see the item before purchasing it. It’s also family fun to go around London with your kids and pick the best tree you can find. Then comes the aspect of transportation. Sometimes your car just isn’t large enough to fit the whole tree. Then you either pick a smaller tree or rent a van. You can also tie the tree on the top of your car, but be very careful when driving through tunnels.
4. Going online
Buying a Christmas tree online definitely has its advantages and it’s no wonder why many companies, including ours, offer christmas tree delivery services. For one, you don’t need to spend hours outside in the bone-chilling cold in search for that perfect tree. Second, you don’t have to compete with other Londoners who want the same tree. Third, delivery and installation is free, so you literally have to do nothing.